26 January 2016

36 Repeatless0004_SilverCell

I'm currently working on a new iteration of the Repeatless code, with the working title of SilverCell. This involves my first proper foray into object oriented programming, which means a complete re-write. There will be a considerably extended algorithm driving the whole thing; the resultant code will be more adaptable to the image library it works with. Once the code is done, I'll be working on a new series of such libraries for SilverCell to use. Here's a couple of screen grabs of early prototypes:

Test section of output working with very simple circle, rectangle and cross images. The code has only just started to run, so the bottom section hasn't been populated with any imagery.

Another test, this time a little longer into a run, so the entire space is full of imagery. At this stage of development, there is no interaction between the different motifs within the design.